WildWay HAPPY NEW GEAR 2019 1/14/19

WildWay HAPPY NEW GEAR 2019 1/14/19

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Entry Link https://www.wildwayoflife.com/pag…y-new-gear

Rules Link https://www.wildwayoflife.com/pag…conditions


#HappyNewGEAR Prize Packs*

Wildway: One of each granola and hot cereal box and cup (~$75 each)

ICEMULE: 1 ICEMULE Classic Small for each winner (~$50 each)

EarthPak: 1 Waterproof Duffel Bag for each winner (~$55 each)

Wild Zora: Paleo Meat & Veggie Bar variety pack for each winner (~$42 each)

Kammok: 1 Roo Double + straps for each winner (~$99 each)

Source: Shoe Deals

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