Skil Buzzkill corded reciprocating saw, $79 + tax at Lowe's

Skil Buzzkill corded reciprocating saw, + tax at Lowe’s

Skil Buzzkill corded reciprocating saw, $79 + tax at Lowe's

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Normally $99.

Free Parcel shipping for Father’s Day (don’t know when this ends), or free store pickup.

Variable speed trigger, 13 amp power, anti-vibration.

No orbital option, non-adjustable shoe, no trigger lock or speed switch, doesn’t rotate.

I was watching this because of the good reviews (5 stars on Lowe’s, which incorporates reviews), including various demos on youtube, and because of some bad reviews on the Dewalt and Milwaukee saws that said the blade holder breaks (for one of them, I forget which, there’s a youtube video to replace the holder which requires a new shaft, which is about $44 and requires a propane torch to remove some bolts). So I bought this Skil from eBay here [] for $77 with no tax and free shipping (some are still available from that seller as I write this). I received the saw a couple of days ago and just tested it a little. Vibration isn’t gone, for sure. But you can tell there’s some lowering of vibration. Seems a substantial saw (~9 lbs.). Seems a great price for a 13 amp saw (Milwaukee’s 15A Sawzall is heavier and its sale price is $150). I bought a second one for my nephew, this time from Lowe’s ($7 more but easier returns).

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