Lock Laces – Elastic No Tie Shoelaces – $5.99 @ Amazon

Lock Laces – Elastic No Tie Shoelaces – .99 @ Amazon

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This Amazon lightning deal runs through 3:45pm EST today, 2/22/20. At time of posting, only 5% were claimed. Quantity is limited to one color per at the $5.99 price, then $7.99 thereafter. You may redeem a $5.99 lightning deal for each color.

I’m a fan of these and have been rocking them for about 5 years now in all of my athletic shoes and won’t ever go back to tying for casual athletic use. I don’t know that I’d recommend these for intense competitive sports, soccer, football, track, etc, but they’re great for everyday and workout use and feel plenty snug. I think they look decent on the shoe too. I’d recommend trying at this price especially. Enjoy SD friends!

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