Bruno Magli Sassiolo Men's Dress Shoes $299.70

Bruno Magli Sassiolo Men's Dress Shoes 9.70

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Bruno Magli [] is running a 30% off Memorial Day sale. Combo that with a 10% off with email signup (code WELCOME10) to get further discount.

The Sassiolo’s were lower ($333) than anywhere I could find them, and still be sure they were authentic. 10% off newsletter sign-up was a bonus. Better than Nordstrom’s semi-annual men’s sale. Free shipping over $150.

30% off $475 = $333
$333 – $33.30 = $299.70

30-day return policy.

For those that are unfamiliar with this brand, its a high-end Italian/Spanish shoe manufacturer. The leather is incredibly supple and I’ve had my old ones re-soled many times for a very long life.

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